Purchase helminthic therapy here using Bitcoins

Purchase a Consultation
A Consultation includes a telephone consultation, a written plan, a dosing schedule for the first year, as well as support for a year by telephone, email and IM.
Cost: $125.00

Purchase Hookworm Larvae (Necator Americanus), up to fifty larvae
Airmail shipping is included, includes up to 3 attempts at live delivery any time of year.
Cost: $150.00

Track your package from me to your door:
Please add $10.00

Adjust the slider to reflect the price of your desired purchase and click the button to be taken to a payment card and instructions for payment, including a QR code and payment address.
AIT has setup a Bitcoin payment processor, we process our own Bitcoin payments and are proud to do so. If you want to add this to your cart or site contact me.
For details go here

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