The Experienced User of Helminths
If you have used helminths for long enough that you do not need any advice or counsel, if all you need is a dose at an address, then please fill in this form so we can keep track of your address, and dosing history, so that if you decide to reorder doing so is easy and so we do not provide you with an unhealthy quantity of organisms. If you select this option and you want my advice then I will charge for it, see our pricing page for details. Working out where to send and when a package does not constitute advice.

For those with no experience of helminths
Having read the forums and tried to participate in some I do not have a very high opinion of some of the information available online though I am sure some of it is very good.
Unfortunately there is a great deal that is rubbish, and how someone who knows little to nothing on the subject is supposed to distinguish good from bad is beyond me.
Or, you may be using helminths from another provider and simply want advice.
Or, you want to buy helminths by the dose or shipment from me and want access to my by email or telephone for the first year while you get settled into a routine.
For those people the questionnaire is here.

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