What to expect

A broad and general outline of what to expect in terms of process

Work out how helminthic therapy should be applied in your case

For anyone new to helminthic therapy the first step is to complete our questionnaire and to arrange a consultation. Doing so ensures your experience will not be unpleasant, and will almost certainly save you money. I was the first to obtain and to provide helminths, hookworms, to the public outside a research setting. That was over twelve years ago. My experience makes sure you get the best result possible, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money. And, that you will keep any benefits you obtain in the long run.

First year

Initially helminths can cause a strong immune response, which can be unpleasant. So initial doses are small, but for most people they get larger over time, based on how one responds. Most people only require 3-4 doses to establish a therapeutic population. It is important not to rush as this can result in unpleasantness.

When and if you get well

Remaining well depends on continuing to host enough helminths, which live from two to three years depending on whether they are hookworms or whipworms. After you have establised enough resident helminths to get well, usually within the first year, the task becomes maintaining that population so that you and they remain well.  For most people that means one dose per year.

What it will cost you

There is a lot of variation in what and how much is required, so this will not apply to all of you but it will to most. For most of you the cost to get well will be around $900. Maintaining things takes about $200 a year thereafter. If that seems like a lot remember that I offer payment plans at zero interest, and that no one should be sick. 

How long it takes

Again, everyone is different, but most people respond strongly between two and nine months after starting therapy depending on their condition. It can and does take as long as nineteen months for some, but it can also take as little as two months.

What are my odds?

Very good. 

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