What is Helminthic Therapy?

Autoimmune Therapies pioneered various forms of Helminthic therapy outside of the laboratory, first providing Necator Americanus (hookworm) to clients on September 25, 2007.

Later we also pioneered the use of Trichuris trichiura (whipworm), providing those to the first colitis clients for whom we had sought them out, on June 15, 2009.

Helminthic therapy is a form of probiotic therapy, using a class of organisms, helminths, found in the intestines of an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide.

The helminths we provide are benign in the numbers we use and and none proliferate within you. If we give you ten for instance, ten is all you will host for as long as they live.

They do not proliferate within you. Nor are they transmissible to your family members or friends, you cannot infect others accidentally.

They are easy to eliminate, often depending on your jurisdiction using OTC medicines.

None we provide mis migrate, and none cause illness at the numbers we use.

In fact, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States recommends that US doctors not treat light to moderate infection of the organisms we provide to our clients.

Helminthic therapy is based on science, it is not an alternative medicine, it should not be considered as something like Kinesiology, Naturopathy or Homeopathy.

Helminthic therapy is a branch of medicine at an early stage of research and investigation, one based on organisms known to be safe*. It is a new branch of medicine, one so new that the regulators and practitioners of allopathic medicine have not caught up to it or adapted to it yet. It is currently being researched in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States, as well as other countries I am not aware of.

Helminthic therapy is based on the Hygiene Hypothesis, or Old Friends Hypothesis.

Simply put, these theories state that our bodies are ecosystems, and our immunological health depends on being exposed throughout life to a sufficient variety of microbes, ones that we coevolved with.

In this way the body learns to distinguish real pathogens from things like cat dander or pollen. It learns to react proportionately, rather than inappropriately as in anaphylaxis. So that our immune systems learn to distinguish real threats from benign everyday things, as well as to react proportionately, not to overreact.

Developing a well-directed and proportionate immune response can only come from living within and forming a healthy ecosystem within our bodies, primarily our intestinal tract where the majority of our immune system is located or is active. So that your intestines are populated by a sufficient variety of microorganisms, in the right quantities, in the right places along the intestinal tract.

Adding helminths helps accomplish that, primarily by reintroducing one of the largest and most complex microorganisms it has been demonstrated that we and our immune systems coevolved with. One whose existence depends on redirecting and moderating your inflammatory response, and other aspects of your immune system to avoid destruction by it.

Blood test for eosinophils demonstrate that this starts to occur at around six months for eosinophils at least, though some do respond faster than that. It should also be said some take considerably longer to respond, too, up to almost two-years.

So it is important to be clear that helminthic therapy is a process, and for some it is a process that takes far longer than anyone likes. So it is very important that if you decide to use helminths that you commit to using them in an intelligent way for at least two years.

Did you know that your appendix evolved to preserve the microbes in your colon in cases of dysentery and cholera?

To evolve an organ devoted to maintaining microbial populations in our colon illustrates very strongly how important microorganisms are to our health.

But the appendix cannot protect your friendly bacteria from antibiotics. To learn how to respond to bugs we have to come into contact with them. By using hand sanitisers and living in extremely sterile environments we increase the risk of developing allergic or autoimmune diseases by sterilising the environment we inhabit and the one we are.

We believe that our immune systems learn how to respond correctly through exposure from birth to benign and sometimes not very benign micro organisms. By targeting and responding appropriately to various bacterium or virii when infections run their course naturally without intervention using antibiotics or antifungal drugs. This is only possible by avoiding whenever possible the use of antimicrobial medicines, whether antibiotics, antifungals such as flagyl, or anything natural that claims to and actually does purge you of bad microorganisms, when taken orally.

What is natural about partially sterilising your intestinal tract?

All these types of medication or herbal remedies are broad in their action. You should ask yourself whether what you are being offered or prescribed kills only bad things, and how the provider of the antibiotic or natural medicine can know what is causing dysbiosis.

I believe if you have read this far that you are likely sick because of your use of such medicines in the past. How then is taking more of them going to make you well?

Note that topical antimicrobials are fine because they do not affect the intestinal tract, and are localised in their effects.

Because of my experiences talking to thousands of individuals with immune disorders I believe that antibiotics are the main contributor to the explosion of immunological diseases like allergies, autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory disorders arising out of a misdirected or disproportionate immune responses.

There are other components to developing immunological disorders like allergies or autoimmunity. But excessive hygiene sets the stage. That stage is expanding rapidly thanks to increasing use of antibiotics, both as patients and as consumers of meat which is often grown where antibiotics are given daily to livestock to increase yields.

Vaccinations and increasingly sterile environments thanks to chlorinated drinking water, the use of hand sanitisers, and household cleaning products that sterilise everything they come into contact with have saved the lives of countless millions.

But by applying these approaches indiscriminately and often inappropriately we have caused an epidemic of autoimmune and allergic diseases.

So, here you are.

Considering buying an intestinal parasite (they are really mutualistic symbionts for the record) over the internet from a stranger.

I am at least a stranger willing to identify themselves, to speak with you and to advise you, on the basis of a lot of experience.

The Questionnaire reflects that, it is long for very good reasons.

Because Helminthic therapy is not a one size or one organism fits all approach. There are various organisms available, of the two I provide amongst the four available I know based on over ten years experience providing them which organism to use, in what numbers, how to avoid side effects, when you should expect to get well, whether or not multiple organisms should be used, what drugs to avoid that conflict with helminthic therapy, and what not to worry about that is accepted as gospel on the forums and on Facebook.

I also have a lot of experience with children as clients. As a father myself am acutely aware of how stressful just reading this page must be for many parents. My youngest client was two years old, just, when she started on helminthic therapy, and her doctors wanted to remove her colon and start her on biologics.

She is a healthy young girl now, takes no medicines, and will soon be a teenager.

Whatever the reason or reasons, diseases like Crohn's Disease, a disease that did not exist fifty or sixty years ago, now afflicts 1/250 Americans. The number of those afflicted by autoimmune and allergic diseases are rising rapidly. Immune diseases are an unrecognised epidemic.

Think for a minute how many people you know with Crohn’s, Allergies, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Anylosing Spondylitis, etc., etc. If you are older than forty think of how rare those diseases were when you were younger. Did you know anyone when you were a child who might die if they ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or if you ate one while sitting next to them? Now peanut butter is banned from schools.

Something is profoundly wrong if food can kill you, or someone near you if you eat it.

Helminthic therapy works in the majority of cases, if it does not work for your disease I will tell you, but it does not work universally.

However if a patentable drug was as effective as helminths with a mixture of prophylaxis and treatment almost all immunological, allergy and autoimmune diseases would be on their way to eradication, and I would be a billionaire many times over.

Sadly for my bank manager, and hundreds of millions of sick people, it is not patentable.

Because it competes with the class of drugs responsible for most patent medicine income and a larger share still of their profits, it is going to be a while before the use of helminths is integrated into the practice of medicine, and taught at universities. But it is so effective that it has historical inevitability.

Nothing this safe, cheap and effective will remain outside the mainstream for very long. If you doubt my veracity consider that I sacrificed my home and my family to make sure that this continued when the FDA came knocking in 2009. There are easier ways to make a living, and were I a charlatan I would have chosen something with a little more appeal to potential customers.

Having said that, nothing we say or write here should ever be taken at face value, or used as medical advice.

But it can form the basis of a discussion with your doctor, with whom I am willing to speak if requested.

I also have a bias, we make our living selling and providing information about helminthic therapy, and I have seen the miracles it has wrought. Who else can claim to have put thousands of people with incurable diseases into remission, like MS, RA, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sjögren’s, Erythromelalgia, Colitis, or Crohn’s to name just a few?

Only your doctor by examination of you and by taking your history and through familiarity with you and your family is in a position to make any kind of recommendations about your health. Though because Helminthic Therapy is not approved they cannot advise you to use it.

But they can agree to monitor your health if you decide to use it. If you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, IBD or any allergy then a good specialist in Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Neurology or Allergy who reads the scientific journals applicable to their field should at the least be aware of this approach.

Whether they are aware of helminthic therapy and can be used as a market to at least identify a doctor who takes an interest in their profession, and in keeping up with the research in their field. That would seem a good way to distinguish lazy, disinterested doctors from those who are engaged and doing what seems to me their duty by keeping abreast of developments in their profession.

Be particularly skeptical of claims, like mine here, you find on the internet.

Any fool can put up a website and claim anything.

Sick people are vulnerable, chronic illness as I know from my experiences with asthma and allergies of the worst kind is an awful experience. “Knowing” you will never be healthy again.

But, if you have been sick for a while then you can be sick a little while longer while you gather information and do your due diligence.

I am not going anywhere, not voluntarily anyway!

Finally, no one is denied therapy based on their ability to pay. Veterans or active service members, retirees, students, single parents, if you are poor because you are sick, or just poor, etc. all get a 25% discount and anyone can either pay up front or as doses are shipped, or according to a schedule that suits your needs.

Just ask during the interview, money is not an issue standing between you and health.

Whatever your decision, I wish you luck in your quest for health.

Jasper Lawrence

* Safe is a relative term, nothing can be said to be completely safe. For a more complete discussion of how safe I believe helminthic therapy is please see here.

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