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Consultation, Plan
& Support

Support include a consulation by telephone or email, one year of support by telephone, email or IM, and a written treatment plan and schedule, including scheduled checks by me by email.
From $120 to $180, see below.

If you have no experience using helminthic therapy we strongly advise you arrange for a Consultation based on a completed Questionnaire prior to purchase of helminths. In that way you and we know we are sending you what you need, only what you need, not what you do not need, and in the right quantities and are not going to do you any harm. 

Or, you may simply want my advice on their use while obtaining organisms from one of the many other providers.

Consultation by telephone

Cost: $150 USD
When paid by Paypal, card or by wire transfer

Cost $125 USD
If paid by Bitcoin.
Click here to pay online.

Cost £90 GBP
When paid by UK-UK bank transfer.

Consultation by email or by email in a language that is not English of some sort
Cost: $150 USD
If paid in Bitcoin or by UK Bank Transfer
Click here to pay online.

Cost $180 USD
If paid by wire, credit or debit card, etc.

No Advice Required?
If you are an experienced user of helminths I still prefer a complete a Questionnaire to record your address and contact information, but there is no fee.

Just complete this brief form so we know where to send what you want to.


N. Americanus - Hookworm larvae

Hookworm doses are sold independent of advice and consultations. Each dose is sent via airmail. I will make up to 3 attempts at delivery before requiring $50 per additional attempt at delivery. This has never been necessary but in winter it can take more than one attempt to deliver a live dose. 
From $100 to $150 with tracking $10 extra. See below. 

If you purchase a package of two doses in advance the per dose price is 90%, for three it is 85% and for four the price of each dose is 80% of list. Discounts do not apply if paying by Bitcoins or bank transfer.

Hookworm Doses:
Cost: $220 USD
When paid by Paypal, card or by wire transfer

Cost $150 USD
If paid by Bitcoin.
Click here to pay online

Cost £120 GBP
When paid by UK-UK bank transfer.

Airmail delivery options
Tracking for each package sent if required, add to total for each package:
Cost: $10

UK Special Deliver:
£10, Saturday delivery: £15

Courier delivery:
If you have an account great, just coordinate with me as to when you will have them pick it up from me. Otherwise I will attempt one delivery using any courier service you designate:
Cost plus £50 paid in advance plus costs if any, such as but not restricted to: packaging, additional charges the courier levies after delivery, etc., taxes, tarriffs, the courier arbitrarily asking for more money, etc.

Contact us to arrange purchase without advice here.

Or here if you require advice.

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