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If you have no experience using helminthic therapy we strongly advise you arrange for a Consultation based on a completed Questionnaire prior to purchase of helminths. In that way you and we know we are sending you what you need, only what you need, not what you do not need, and in the right quantities and are not going to do you any harm.  

Or, you may simply want my advice on their use while obtaining organisms from one of the many other providers.

The interview usually lasts no more than an hour after which you will be emailed a written Use Plan. A vendor agnostic guide to the use of Helminthic Therapy plus advice on diet, exercise and other cofactors.

Includes up to an hour of telephone, email or IM follow up if required. Payment required prior to call, you have to submit a Questionnaire to book a call.

Submit a Questionnaire

Cost: £80 or 120 USD if paid in Bitcoin or by UK Bank Transfer

Cost £100 or 150 USD
If paid by wire, credit or debit card, etc.

No Advice Required?
If you are an experienced user of helminths there is no need to complete a Questionnaire and the requirement for a consultation prior to purchase is waived.

Just complete this simple form so we know where to send what you want to.


Hookworm doses

Hookworm doses are sold independent of advice and consultations.

We only sell single doses at a time. Given the nature of this business we no longer believe longterm contracts are a prudent option, and with weather and the need for schedules to change to accommodate real life, booking long term plans is impractical. Prices for those outside the UK are in USD to reflect the added risk of having to ship replacement doses at no additional charge to locations outside the UK.  

We will remind you by email when you are due to purchase another dose unless told not to.

Hookworm Doses:
Up to 50 Larvae:
£100 or 150 USD
If paid by Bitcoin or UK Bank Transfer.

£150 or 220 USD
If paid by wire, credit or debit card, etc.

Contact us to arrange purchase without advice here.

Or here if you require advice.



Because of the complexity of applying whipworm correctly during the first six months we do not currently offer whipworm to new clients except under a one year contract that covers all doses and advice for a period of one years. All doses are shipped on purchase.

Whipworm is only applicable in a small number of diseases (inflammatory diseases of the colon) because of its much higher likelihood of producing a flare or worsening of your current disease that can last months.

It also requires far more management to produce an optimal outcome and to establish the best dose size and frequency.

Contact us for details after submitting a Questionnaire.

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